Mardin Midyat

Three of the mansions are adjacent to each other. The mansions’ outer stone walls were built with as the plot boundaries. The total area of the three mansions is 2165sqm. The mansions are designed as boutique hotels and the main buildings have been restored by the owners.

In order to be a boutique hotel, some extensions (WC) will be required. Necessary permits were obtained from the related official institutions for these additions and projected. You can reach us from the contact information for the long-term rental of the mansions as a boutique hotel.

Address: Midyat Konağı, Akçakaya Mah. Pafta No: N466-08-C1D


Our History

There are different opinions about the name and first establishment of our district. According to some sources, the name of the district after many changes is a mix of Persian, Arabic and Syriac that means “MIRROR”.

According to another rumor, Midyat is derived from the word “MATİATE” which means the City of Caves. Those who put forward this view state that the name MATIATE was written in the Assyrian inscriptions in the 9th century BC. Parallel to this view, it is said that the “Elath“area (Visit-Promenade Location located in 3 Km away from Midyat, near Acırlı town), which shows that the first settlement in Midyat is caves, has survived from the Romans to the present day.

The following information is available about the history of the district in the 1973 Mardin City Almanac; Eti Turks, who migrated from Central Asia and came to Anatolia, settled in the region which had a fertile soil between the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers which we call Mesopotamia. (Around 2000 BC)During the transition from the region, Midyat was founded as a large cave city, and the animals were also housed there. The caves below Midyat were used as shelter in those periods. These caves have connections with each other. Later on, Komuk Turks, the leading nomads of Central Asian Turks, settled in this region.

Komuks, who came to and settled in the region, fought the Assyrians for centuries. It is seen that Assyrians took the region several times during these periods. However, these invasions did not last long and they had to withdraw each time. As a matter of fact, in the time of the Assyrian ruler Tigotninip, the Komuks had mastered the situation. Between 500-100 BC, the region has been invaded by different tribes. Macedonians, Persians, Romans ruled in this region. Midyat became the main settlement or the establishment of the region as the Selefkus era (Around 180BC).

”Çelebioğlu Mansion is suitable for renting, hotel, and boutique hostel and rentable“